What we can do for you
IPROLAM’s structure allows us to approach diverse, complex projects, coming from different fields of the industry, mainly from the area of mechanical and industrial equipment designing. The majority of our customers expect from us a comprehensive package of services, from design to execution and commissioning. Therefore, IPROLAM acts also as a general contractor. Should your curiosity be aroused, please find below just about everything we are abler to do thanks to the three specialized departments in IPROLAM, and their associated specialists.

  • - Mechanical expanders for large-diameter pipes;
  • - Plate edge milling machines;
  • - Hydrostatic pipe testers (pipe hydrotesters);
  • - Automated pipe handling systems for the pipe threading machine;
  • - Cropping and/or slitting lines;
  • - Pipe chamfering machines;
  • - Online, 3D measurement systems for the pipe diameter, out of roundness, straightness and length;
  • - Stretcher 50 MN – Straightening aluminum slabs;
  • - Plating stations for aluminum slabs;
  • - Straightening mahcines for copper bars;
  • - Conveyors feeding car tyre production flows;
  • - Coupling screwing machines;
  • - External and internal pipe callibration lines;
  • - Transfer tables for car tyre production flows;
  • - Pressure-testing machines for car brake couplings;
  • - Industrial and civil constructions made of reinforced concrete, metal, masonry;
  • - Architecture for civil and industrial constructions;
  • - Expert assessments and consolidations for civil and industrial constructions;
  • - Installations for household water, rain water or industrial water sewage;
  • - Ventilation stations and installations;
  • - Heating stations and heating installations;
  • - Compressed air production and storage stations;
  • - Chemical installations - pickling, metal plating, waste water purification.

For all these, IPROLAM is able to provide process automation, on request.
If what you want is not on this list, all you have to do is ask. IPROLAM has always been, and still is, a trail blazer in the industry.


Through its highly qualified specialists, IPROLAM performed computer-aided design or in classic system, technical assistance during installation and commissioning of mechanical, hydraulic and auxiliary (aggregates) installations or equipment, heating furnaces and thermal treatments. Also, as a general provider, delivering subassemblies and complex systems in the industry.


With a well-trained and competent personnel, we realize architectural projects, construction and installation of technological / non-technological civil and industrial construction. Our specialists also perform general urban plans, general plan works projects for corrosion protection works and chemical plants, documentation for environmental assessment, etc.

The department is offering competent consulting services, hardware and software design, delivery of assemblies and subassemblies, parts and components, exchange parts, training, technical assistance during installation and commissioning, troubleshooting and maintenance in warranty and post warranty period both in traditional business, management at the mills and maneuvering manufacturing metallurgy equipment generally, as well as in other industrial domains.

Clients and Contributors

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