European Projects
IPROLAM participates in two projects with iredeemable European funds, the POS DRU and Eureka!

IPROLAM is certified for conducting the PROFMEC courses.
EU Member States and regions have access to financing from the European Social Fund within a seven-year programming period.
The programming exercise took place between 2007 and 2013. In order to obtain the FSE assistance, the EU member states are elaborating operational programs that are implemented through socio-economic actors, through educational institutes, professional training providers, IMM's, commerce and industrial chambers, social partners, NGO's, Public Institutions, local authorities etc.
Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013 was elaborated in a large partnership process.
Through these consultations it was followed: Obtaining partner’s agreement on the establishment of priority objectives for development; Ensuring transparency in the elaboration process; An increasing commitment and involvement of partners.

International cooperation projects in EUREKA and Eurostars program network.

EUROSTARS is a reputated network of IMM funding developed by the Eureka Initiative and the European Committee on the basis of Article 169 of the European treaty. Projects are submitted to the EUREKA Secretary and are evaluated in order to select for funding from international experts accredited by the Program.

The EUREKA clusters are strategic initiatives that gather important actors represented by companies that invest strongly in CDI and aim the development of common research projects. Projects are submitted by calling the Secretary clusters and are reviewed in order to obtain financing of international experts accredited to them. The project is proposed by an economic agent, individual or in collaborations with other economical agents and/or research entities, from the working field of the respective individual/group in the collaborative project developed in a network within the EUREKA or EUROSTARS.

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